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The Lake

The Lake by Raffaella Rowell is a romantic suspense series. It is set in Lake Como in Italy. Book 1: Emotion, follows the romance between Bianca and Max.  Book 2: Fortuitous, continues and expands the story. This culminates in a nail biting finale.

The Lake Book 1: Emotion

The blossoming love between Bianca and Max is romantic and passionate, the new beginning she is searching for.
Tough the overwhelming obsessive desire and darker nature of a one-sided love is on their heels. This compulsive love is eating away at Grazia, Max's ex-girlfriend. An obsession which uncontrolled has devastating consequences. Set in the dreamy backdrop of Lake Como in Italy.

The Lake Book 2: Fortuitous

Sophie Tuck is looking forward to attending her friend's Bianca and Max's engagement party in Lake Como during the summer.  One thought is keeping her apprehensive.  She will see again the one man she'd rather stay away from, Andrea Del Toro.  Despite his girlish name, he is all male and as hot as they come. An undeterred womaniser. There is sexual tension between the two and sparks fly but circumstances take a surprising turn of events. Matters take a dangerous direction when Grazia returns to seek revenge over Bianca's engagement.


The Trouble with Mollie

Out now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Blushing Books website store.

A new romance novel. 

Two men, one is her lover, the other, her husband of convenience. Whom will she choose?

Mollie Belloc is a student at Oxford, who is dating someone in secret. When her mysterious lover comes up with an elaborate plan for her to marry wealthy Zac Sorensen for money, in exchange for helping him win the approval of the Board of Directors of his father’s business, she refuses.

However, the manipulative lover finally convinces her to relent.

Mollie proposes the plan to Zac, to become his hired wife for three years, and he accepts; believing it is entirely her idea.

What they hadn't counted on, was falling in love. And what they didn't know, the manipulative man has a much darker plan in mind for Zac.

Green Typewriter

A new romance novel coming soon with Blushing Books.  Follow the love story between Marina and Danilo in the lovely backdrop on the Island of Sardinia.

Ice Spice and Red Lace

Raffaella Rowell



Who Is Raffaella Rowell?

Raffaella was born in Italy. Grown up in South America and she lives in England. 

She is married and has two sons. She has a university degree in Modern Languages and Literature.

She loves a book in any genre, reads anything and everything, and every day, with a weakness for thrillers/crime, romance stories and historical figures. 

Her books are romance novels with a twist of suspense, spicy and sexy in the midst.

Raffaella also enjoys gardening, baking (legendary for her delicious baked cheesecake), and playing the piano.

Email: raffabellano@gmail.com

Instagram account: @raffaellarowell

Twitter account: @Raffaella Rowell - Author


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